Displayed below are year-to-date trade results starting when Premium Subscriptions were first made available. We CLOSED a total of 91 trades, with 66 of these generating a gain. 6 additional executed trades have not yet been closed out. Displayed below are the details for each trade. The OPENING TRADE date is when the trade was actually available. Each trade was closed out on the date associated with CLOSING TRADE/TRADE EXPIRATION. The Gain or (Loss) per share for each trade is shown. Trades denoted as OPEN had not yet been closed out when this trading log was produced. The trade results do not include commissions and fees. Any trade outcome will vary based on the number of contracts traded, and at what price the orders are filled. https://www.theoptionplayer.com/premium-services/

Published prices for each option contract are the published quotes at the time time a trade is setup or after it has been executed. Generally, trade suggestions are posted in the evening for execution the following day(s). Keep in mind that overnight futures activity or after hours announcements might impact whether the trade is available as published.

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