New & Improved was effectively rolled out the last week in March 2017 when we started offing a Premium subscription service. The motivation for offering something new and improved was the observation that other option trade alerts were not necessarily user-friendly for self-directed investors. Having been associated with other subscription-based trading services we know that most do not offer both text and email alerts, for FREE. Also, other trading websites will set up trades for self-directed investors at night, but they usually don’t follow up with an intraday alert the next day to confirm the trade is available with updated prices.

From our perspective, the process for setting up and entering a trade position is important, but what delineates the winners from the losers is how they react when the trade goes against them. Essentially, what separates our Premium offering from the free subscription is constant alert updates on optimum prices for getting into, adjusting or exiting a position. Sometimes no matter how thorough the analysis and how meticulous you enter a position, a trade can go bad. If/when a trade goes against you, doing an adjustment can salvage the position and/or mitigate potential losses. Premium subscribers get to see simple strategies for adjusting a bad trade.

Most other investment websites that offer trade alerts limit subscriber flexibility by charging a separate subscription fee for each type of investment strategy. is set up to offer a Premium subscription that covers multiple investment strategies. Our Premium membership is superior to the competition because subscribers get the benefit of a diversified trading model derived from the different types of trades. does NOT follow a preset schedule for entering and exiting trades. And we recognize that every investor is different in their approach as to how and when they execute trades. Some investors prefer to initiate trades in the morning immediately after the market opens, while others trade in the early afternoon, or you can submit orders in late afternoon before the close (4:00 pm EST). And, there are investors who enter trade orders after hours for execution when the market opens the following morning. There are pros and cons associated with each particular time frame, but listed below are bullet points which demonstrate flexibility for however each investor elects to trade:

  • Generally the investment cycle begins by analyzing dozens of potential trade opportunities each evening after the market close and performing risk analysis on open positions. Viable trading plans are identified from among potential new trades, trades that need adjustments and trade exit strategies. At night, trades are written up, edited and published on for execution the next day (if the trade is available during the trading day).
  • After trades are published, usually the first alert notification is sent out in a text message (SMS). Text message notification is available to ALL subscribers who sign up and submit a mobile number. The text alert message notifies subscribers to an update on the with a direct link to the post on the website. As mentioned above, text alerts are available FREE to all subscribers.
  • Subscribers to post alerts are usually sent emails within 10 minutes after trades are published on the website. There is a separate process for submitting email notification alerts that requires editing the message and validating subscribers along with their email addresses. The email post alert notifies subscribers to an update on the along with a short summary and direct links to the website.
  • Premium subscribers need to login the website with their premium credentials to be able to view content reserved for premium subscribers only. These images/data are identified in posts on as accessible to premium subscribers. After logging in to the website you will be able to see all the exhibits (it will be invisible to other subscribers).
  • After the stock market opens (9.30 am EST) and throughout the trading day we evaluate entry points to execute proposed trades. Whenever we execute a proposed trade it is immediately published during the day as a TRADE CONFIRMATION. Depending on when and/or how subscribers initiate a trade order; they may get different prices from what is confirmed on Also, for various reasons, sometimes subscribers are able to enter a trade that is not available to all of us. If it appears a trade setup is not available as published, it will be suspended or cancelled.
  • Everyone should be aware the market can suddenly explode up or down without warning. Throughout the trading day we are constantly monitoring open positions and performing risk assessments. If analysis indicates revising or exiting a trade might be appropriate to mitigate potential losses will evaluate how to adjust the trade.  If there is a trade adjustment, confirmation information is published immediately during the day.
  • Exiting a trade ends the trading cycle. Generally will publish the Exit Plan for an open position the night before exiting the trade. Usually if our plan is to let open option contracts expire without a closing trade, will publish this strategy the night before expiration day. Published posts with Trade Exit plans include contingencies if price movement justifies a different strategy to exit the position.

Year-to-date Trading Log with results and status for all the available trades published on is constantly updated and displayed in TRADES. Another alternative is to visit the Home Page which is a blog roll listing of all the articles published on the website in descending order. Also on the Home page there is a button to view the Website Archive by calendar month and another tool to Search Website by subject. Very soon will make available a downloadable Excel spreadsheet with trade details updated daily.

Go to the Site Map on to view the Website Directory with links to all the pages that contain content on the New & Improved If you have any questions or concerns go to CONTACT US and sign up for the trial subscription to make sure you understand how the process works. Also we strongly recommend, not only for what we provide but for any investment service, do not do a trade when you are not comfortable with or do not fully understand the strategy/methodology.


Disclaimer: Trading and investing involve a substantial degree of a risk of loss and are not suitable for everyone. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Fundamental factors, seasonal and weather trends, daily news, and other current events may have already been factored into the markets. Some trading strategies have unlimited risk. Educate yourself on the risks and rewards of such investing prior to trading. The publisher, and/or its affiliates, staff or anyone associated with, do not guarantee profits or pre-determined loss points, and are not held monetarily responsible for the trading losses of others (subscribers or otherwise). Information provided is compiled by sources believed to be reliable. The publisher, and/or its principals, assume no responsibility for any errors or omissions as the information may not be complete or events may have been canceled or rescheduled. Any copy, reprint, broadcast or distribution of this report of any kind is prohibited without the expressed written consent of the publisher.