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  1. hi Greg i was not sure what to do on IWM as i was getting close to being ITM on the bear call side so i closed as i was i space away from being in the money

    spx was good i left that expire
    the spy is still otm on both sides staying in

    on the text side the sms have still not responded by e mail

    • Gordon,

      I agree that if you are unsure about a position you should close it out. However the options don’t expire for another four weeks and I recommend to clients not to panic with so much time left. I am constantly monitoring published trades and will recommend a trade adjustment or exit strategy if a trade doesn’t look like it will work. It is still way too early to tell what is going to happen with the IWM condor. Credit spreads always get threatened by moving near ITM but usually don’t close ITM. Plus condors are inherently a hedged trade.

      The IWM condor was setup with several layers protection and so that we could execute various trade adjustment strategies to protect profits or mitigate any potential loss. IWM ETF price will stabilize and at that point I will recommend a trade adjustment if appropriate.


    • i am commenting on the recent bear put calendar spread on TLT , could not make this trade using the calendar on the tos platform paper trading .
      I did manage to make the trade work in the diagonal under “custom” however before i send it ( the order) ,is this okay ?? its the only way i can get the “strike Price to move with “the dates” cheers Gordon

      • Hey Gordon,

        I am a little surprised your trading platform won’t let you execute calendar spreads, these are standard order types. It really doesn’t matter how you enter order if you set up the position properly. The gain/loss equation is generally the same regardless of how the opening orders are entered.


  2. Hello Greg Got your message regarding sending messages SMS etc so back here
    SPX (3 ) has moved higher do you recommend I hold until expiry 26th April or sell quickly like a rat up a drainpipe.
    I have always sold puts and calls like this and made paper money .
    These Verticals are new to me and still trying to get my head around them.
    Not sure what my instinct are saying or telling me .
    if you think i should hold don’t bother to reply .
    i am expecting a drop tomorrow
    Cheers Gordon

    • Hey Gordon,

      unfortunately for me I could not get my order filled for the SPX weekly trade. Which is why I did not post an order confirmation for the members which is what I normally do when my trade orders are executed.

      I am not sure why you are expecting a “drop” tomorrow but you can never go wrong cashing in your profits and eliminating any further risks. The other choice is cashing in some contracts and holding the remainder. You have to decide how much risk you are comfortable with, but I suggest that if you are the least bit nervous, take the money and run. I will probably try getting into this trade again tomorrow, if I had gotten in today, I would be holding on at least until the SPX broke below 2330 then make a decision about cashing out.

      Hope this helps,


  3. Hello, I paid for the premium memember ship and was wondering how to go about getting the text message alerts set up. Thank you

    • Hey Mike,

      On the right side of the Home, Contact or blog pages you should see “Receive text alerts”. Enter your name and mobile number in the appropriate boxes, then select Subscribe. You will immediately start getting the text alerts. We really appreciate your support and don’t hesitate to let us know if you have more questions.



      • Gregory,

        Thanks for the response. I have set up text alerts before but didn’t receive any alerts for the most recent trades. Ill await until the next alerts and see if magic happens. Thank you.

        • Hey Mike I apologize for the mishap. We work with a SMS provider that should have sent you a link to authorize getting text alerts. Do you the exact date you registered your mobile number so we can check our register?



        • Okay Mike, I got problem resolved. We need you register your cell number again and make sure to include the “1” before the nine digit cell number. You should get an authorization number to activate you text alerts. The SMS provider requires the “1” because some users are international. We need to make this distinction clear to subscribers.

          Thanks again,


  4. Hi, new to the site, just wondering what to expect. I like to trade credit spreads on etf’s and indices. Just looking for a good site that does the same.

    • Hey Joe,

      I recommend reviewing the TRADES page to see actual trades executed. We are in process of testing revisions to the website to provide real-time trade recommendations. Check out the PREMIUM SERVICES tab see evaluate our detailed trading strategy. Again, don’t be alarmed if the website is unavailable intermittently over the next week or so while perform user testing.



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